Aug 082013

It’s late summer and the legs are strong and the high mountain single track beckons! Here are some pictures from the past week including riding around Redfish Lake, with a visit to the Bench and Fishhook Huts, and a ride along the new Osberg Ridge trail that takes one right to the door of Coyote and Tornak Huts!

MTB redfish-Osberg-6

MTB redfish-Osberg

MTB redfish-Osberg-3

MTB redfish-Osberg-4

MTB redfish-Osberg-5

MTB redfish-Osberg-7

MTB redfish-Osberg-8

MTB redfish-Osberg-9

MTB redfish-Osberg-10

MTB redfish-Osberg-11

MTB redfish-Osberg-12

MTB redfish-Osberg-13

MTB redfish-Osberg-14

MTB redfish-Osberg-15

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