Feb 202016

The Rendi family, Paul, Mara, Andersen (8), and Karsten (12) came east from Washington for a backcountry adventure at Tornak Hut with guide Chris Marshall and intern Chris Cullaz.   Andersen and Karsten slayed it, touring for the first time and ripping turns around Moonlight Basin and off the Mighty Tornak Peak.  Ullr must have been pleased as 6″ of Idaho powder fell overnight on the 2nd night!  Good times were had by all, and between the powder turns, playing dice in the warm hut, digging tunnels in the snow, and the Mighty Tornak Peak twice, there were plenty of smiles to go around.

rendi tornak-1060706-2

Family stoke!

“These are the moments we live for as guides; watching the stoke blossom in a younger generation, for something that is such a big part of who i am, was incredibly special to me. I was constantly inspired watching these boys try something hard for the first time, push through the challenges, and and let the smiles on their face show their stoke!” – guide Chris Marshall

rendi tornak-1060704

Leaving the hut for a powder day!

rendi tornak-1060710

Chris gets a break as Andersen takes to trail breaking up front.

rendi tornak-1060715

Pure powder stoke

rendi tornak-1060670

Karsten finding some soft snow in the north bowl of Tornak

rendi tornak-1060730

Carving turns in fresh pow

rendi tornak-1060836

Paul farming away

rendi tornak-1060771

To the cumbre!

rendi tornak-1060666

Climbing the exposed West couloir of Tornak Peak

rendi tornak-1060829

Andersen ripping pow down Easley Face with an overnight pack

rendi tornak-1060809

So nice to see winter return to Central Idaho!

rendi tornak-1060819

Mara laying down some nice cuts

rendi tornak-1060773

Obligatory pole whack to clear the cornice off Tornak Peak

rendi tornak-1060794

Karsten leading the charge on Group Therapy

rendi tornak-1060826

And he’s off!

rendi tornak-1060805

Afternoon adult session: touring out of the basin after scoring a 1000′ line in the best snow of the trip off the Mighty Tornak Peak.

rendi tornak-1060828-2

Knee deep!

rendi tornak-1060740

Karsten in Moonlight Bowl

rendi tornak-1060725

Andersen arcing in Moonlight Bowl

rendi tornak-1060766

On the way up to the Mighty Tornak Peak

rendi tornak-1060793

Karsten charging

rendi tornak-1060792

Plenty of freshies to go around

rendi tornak-1060791

Group Therapy living up to its name

rendi tornak-1060783

Family Fun!

rendi tornak-1060733

Karsten shows perfect form

rendi tornak-1060716

Andersen throwing down some spray

rendi tornak-1060844

Karsten taking a moment to savior the experience

rendi tornak-1060847

Awesome spooned tracks coming down Easley Face to end the trip


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  1. What an amazing trip! Thank you to Chris, Chris, and Francie for making this happen! We all loved it and are ready for more!

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