Oct 122017
All Hands on Deck

As part of their 11th grade Sawtooth Trip in late September, Community School students helped Joe and Niels prep Bench and Fishhook huts for another busy winter. This is a new addition to the Community School’s Outdoor Program, and we’re so happy to have their help! Led by former SVT [click here for more]

Dec 312016
Yurtika 2016

After passing their various children off to family and friends, the annual “Yurtika” ski extravaganza focused it’s sights on the Coyote Yurts.  There seems to a pattern, where this yearly gathering of old friends for  a guided hut trip is greeted with copious snow and awesome ski conditions.  Cold snow [click here for more]

Nov 252016
Sun Valley on Ice: 2016 Antarctica Ski Cruise

On the morning of November 9th, 2016 the election in the United States was decided and we boarded a boat heading South from Tierra del Fuego.  The Beagle Channel led the way to the great Southern Ocean and the infamous Drake Passage, known for the roughest seas in the world. [click here for more]

Aug 282016
Wild Gift Deep Wilderness Experience

For the past 13 years, we have had had the great privilege of guiding the Deep Wilderness Experience for the Wild Gift, a local non profit dedicated to supporting better world entrepreneurs through mentor-ship, project funding and instilling a deep ethic of the wild.  Each year, a class of recipients [click here for more]

Jul 302016
Pioneer Peaks

When the forecast called for temps to rise into the 90’s in the valley, SVT guides Joe St.Onge and Patrick Graham decided to go high. For years, we have been looking at the north wall on Cobb Peak(11,644′) above the Pioneer Yurt and wondering if the rock was good. The [click here for more]

Jun 172016
Peaks, Wild Flowers, Water Falls and Wild Life: The Pioneer Yurt is Open for the Summer!

We have just returned from the lofty Pionneer Mountains, high above Sun Valley. SVT guides: Joe St.Onge, Jon Preuss and Everett Coba trekked into the Pioneer Yurt to open the hut for it’s inaugural summer season. The trail in was cleared of downed timber, outdoor benches and a beautiful fire-pit [click here for more]

Apr 212016
Boulder Mountains Ski Camp

When the days are long, the nights are cold and the peaks are covered under a thick blanket of snow it’s time to traverse the big mountains. Every year we choose a destination from the plethora of beautiful mountains that surround our valley. The Sawtooth, White Cloud, Smokey, Pioneer and [click here for more]

Apr 112016
Sawtooth Spring Woodcut and Ski Extravaganza

It’s a tradition, a physical ordeal and a right of passage. We call it the “woodcut” but it is much more than just a wood-cut. Every spring, we take advantage of the solid snow pack to fell trees and skid/carry them over the snow to the huts in preparation for [click here for more]

Mar 242016
Diploma in Mountain Medicine training at the Coyote and Tornak Huts

What a great week we had at Tornak and Coyote huts with a group of doctors from Wilderness Medicine Society. 7 doctors, all graduates of the Diploma in Mountain Medicine program, joined SVT guides (Joe St.Onge and Chris Marshall) for a week of mountain medical and rescue training. The first [click here for more]