Nov 252016

Stoke level was high after this glorious ski and zodiac tour of the bay

On the morning of November 9th, 2016 the election in the United States was decided and we boarded a boat heading South from Tierra del Fuego.  The Beagle Channel led the way to the great Southern Ocean and the infamous Drake Passage, known for the roughest seas in the world.  Our goal was the great white continent of Antarctica, the largest wilderness on the planet and the only landmass not governed by a single nation.  We left as skiers embarking on an adventure and returned forever touched by a land of un-imagined beauty and wildness.

Below are selection of pictures from the lenses of Sun Valley Trekking guides: Joe St.Onge and Christopher Marshall.  Please click on the upper left photo to click through the pictures in chronological order with captions or simply scroll down to enjoy the collage from this magnificent expedition.

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