Sep 062013

Ahhh, the new hut at Fishhook is closing in on completion. We are just returning from a few days in the Sawtooth, dodging thunder and lightning storms while working to complete the latest addition to backcountry lodging deep in the beautiful mountains of Central Idaho. Every piece of wood in the new hut (except the door) came from within a 100 yards of the site. Chainsaw carpentry at work. The new hut is a wall tent design, similar to the Bench Hut but 1/2 the size. This hut creates a spacious but cozy layout for gathering a large group to cook, eat and enjoy the views from the 20′ long window gazing up at the highest peaks in the Sawtooth. We kept the old yurt, changing the orientation, giving it some much needed love and turning it into a cozy sleeping hut. We look forward to many a stoked skier gliding into these huts in the coming season!













  4 Responses to “Introducing the New Fishhook Hut!”

  1. Beautiful!!!….Can you give me a location on this?…..And…I’m really interested in the Baker area….Do you have any detailed info on what did/didn’t burn there and any photos of the aftermath?

  2. Hi Leslie,

    This hut is in the Fishhook Valley in the Sawtooth Mountains, just outside the Wilderness boundary and under the Williams, Thompson and Hortsman peaks among others. A special place!

    I do have photos from Baker Creek and the aftermath of the fire and will try to get those out in the next couple of days. There was a lot that was burned thoroughly (including the Coyote Yurts), but still a lot that was unaffected and remains green and how it was.


    Joe St.Onge

  3. Looks awesome! Can’t wait for some sweet Sawtooth tours out of here this winter. Thanks for all the hard work y’all.

  4. This hut looks amazing. I personally am from Bulgaria and I’ve been to many small huts around our mountains, but they are awful, especially during the Winter time, when the people that maintain them during the Summer just simply abandon them. I’m sure that lots of people would enjoy this small hut in the future! Hopefully you’ll have lot of visitors there and all the hard work would pay off.

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